IELTS Speaking exam has 3 different parts and you will be asked different types of questions in each part. That’s why; you should know what you are expected to do in each part very well. Please read this speaking exam guide and watch the videos on each part below very carefully.

Now please watch the video on Part 1:

Here is a video on Part 2:

The video below is on Part 3.

Here you can watch a sample speaking test video and  questions. You will find samples of the latest IELTS Speaking exams given in 2016 in this link.


Here is an important tip on the Speaking exam. Please note that being fluent and accurate are both equally important in the exam. Three good tips for ‘showing off’ your speaking skills are to:

• Listen carefully to the questions – notice whether you are being asked about the past, the present or the future and make sure you use the correct tense in your answer.
• Always give a full and complete answer to a question – don’t just answer yes or no. You can do this by giving a reason or an explanation for your answer or by giving examples.
• If you don’t hear a question properly, then ask the examiner to repeat it to make sure you are answering correctly.

Good Luck!


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Next week, you are going to start your performance task, which is about writing a For-and-Against essay for Task 2. Before you start the performance task, watch the videos below to learn about the expectations:

You can find everything you need for the performance task in this folder.

After you have completed the performance task, write a comment for this post explaining all the steps you should follow while writing an essay for task 2.

Good luck:))

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Welcome back to school again. This week we are going to focus on writing reports based on pie charts. Pie charts show how a whole is composed of parts. Each segment indicates a percentage of the whole.

Use the same outline that we shared with you for task 1. Go to this link to review the language you are going to use while you are writing a report on a pie chart.

You are usually asked to compare 2 pie charts. Here is an example.

Work in pairs and read the model answer in this link.  Write an outline for it together with your partner and share it with the class.

1- Go to this link. Do the tasks and check your answers.

2- Try the gapfill exercise in this link.

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This catchy tune, Word Crimes from Weird Al Yankovic takes a shot at everyone who can’t spell, conjugate, or place punctuation correctly. Enjoy:))

Please  visit Useful Links>IELTS Links on our blog and do some  practice. As you know, you are going to take the IELTS exam in April and you may not be able to find enough time to do some extra practice once the school starts.

Please also click the picture on the right to visit Free Rice vocabulary website not only to practise vocabulary but also to help feed the hungry people in the world. Freerice is a non-profit website that is owned by the United Nations World Food Programme. For every correct answer you choose, they donate 10 grains of rice to help end world hunger through the World Food Programme.

Have a great holiday!

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Dear Students,

You can find your next task on describing line graphs here.

After you complete the task, go to the link where you will find a sample report describing a line graph. This is a band 8 report (which means the examiners gave 8 to the person who wrote it). If you click on the red highlights, you will be able to read the examiner’s comments.

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Dear Students,

For your performance task in the first term, you are going to write a report summarizing the information in a bar graph by selecting and reporting the main features and making comparisons where relevant.

The due date for your performance task is December 3.

You can find all the documents for your performance task here.

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Here is an outline for IELTS Writing Task 1. Please read it carefully before you start doing your performance task.

IMPORTANT TIP: Before you start writing, write down or mark the most important changes/parts you are going to write about in your report as you can’t write about each detail.
DURATION: MINIMUM 150 words in 20 minutes.

INTRODUCTION: Your introduction will tell the reader:

a) what sort of graph it is (line graph, bar chart, pie chart or table)

b) what the graph is about.

You will get most of this information from the question. Just change the wording.
IMPORTANT TIP: Do not copy but paraphrase the question and the information in the chart for your introduction.
EXAMPLE: This……………………………….. shows/represents/demonstrates/illustrates/lists ………………………………. between …………. and ………….. / from …………….. to ………… / over a ten – year period.
IMPORTANT TIP: Do not repeat the same words while you are describing the trends/changes. Instead, use a variety of words. Always use adjective + noun or verb + adverb combinations to get higher marks. (See the links in the previous post and the worksheets your teachers gave you on vocabulary for task 1)

BODY : The body should contain interesting and relevant information from the graph. Please make comparisons where necessary. If you can find 2 different ideas in the chart, write about each of them in one body paragraph. If there is only one trend, write one paragraph.
IMPORTANT TIP: Use past tense to write about changes/trends in the past, present tenses to write about the current trends and future tenses to write about the future trends.

CONCLUSION: This will contain the overall picture of the graph. Write at least 2 sentences.
In conclusion,….. (write about the overall statement)

IMPORTANT TIPS: * Link words are necessary but do not overuse them!

*Make sure your report is well-balanced. The first paragraph should be around 25 words, the body around 100 words, and the conclusion about 25.

* Never give your opinion and don’t use phrases like, “I feel”, “as I have written,” “as you can see,” etc. Keep it academic.  In Task 1 (writing about a graph or visual data) you just report what you see.

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